Thursday, October 13, 2016

A letter to society

How am I supposed to feel empowered 
when my worth is reduced too 
what was given to me between my legs.
The only power I have in this life is 
being manipulative and 
I am the one expected to accept blame when 
I am no longer found fascinating
by those who claim to love me.
How can I be expected to feel 
successful when the only task I 
am asked to do involve cooking, cleaning, or 
taking care of children. I am not a perfect essence 
of housewife and I do not find it my 
duty to look after others, because 
I can supply for myself.
Do not shame me into 
the shadows of a man. You break 
me down and melt my will to fight 
for myself to build be into 
a mold of what you expect me to be.
You cannot tell me I am beautiful
 then paste pictures of girls with 
unattainable unnatural beauty on
every street across the country.
You cannot play innocent when 
it is you who has made me into 
the shell of a human,
It is you who has crushed me
into the ideals of "femininity"

- A letter to society

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